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Types of Sewer System You Need to Know Before a Sewer System Installation

3 Different Types of Sewer System

Because the sewage system is one of the most important plumbing systems in your home, you should always consult with experienced specialists whenever you need to replace, repair, or even install this system. Your failure to properly manage this system, which is one of the most vital systems in your home, will, in the long term, cause a significant number of issues. Thus, you need to ensure that the installation of your sewage system will be handled by a competent specialist. Below are the types of sewer systems you need to know before a sewer system installation.

Septic Tank System

It is one of the most typical kinds of sewage treatment facilities. A septic tank is a component of this system, and its primary purpose is to remove wastewater and the pollutants that are found in wastewater from your home. Because this is a closed system, the wastewater from your home will be sent straight to the septic tank rather than going via the drainage system first. This will ensure that the wastewater is treated properly.

Open Drainage System

A septic tank is not included in this system because it does not require one. This method is frequently utilized for homes that do not have an available area large enough to accommodate the installation of a septic tank. This system is likewise a closed system that is fed by gravity or by pumps, depending on the situation. The wastewater from your home will be transported through this system to a treatment facility.

Treatment System

A wastewater treatment plant is another name for this facility. To remove pollutants and toxins that are found in wastewater, a combination of chemical, physical, and biological techniques are used in this stage of the treatment process.

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